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Malabar Ayurveda & Research Centre

Malabar Ayurveda & Research Centre is a total holistic Medicare Health Resort, spread over 8 acres of land blessed with natural resources near the banks of Nila River (Bharathapuzha) in Mamankam famous Codacal, Thirunnavaya in Malappuram District, Kerala, Karipoor (Kozhikode) and Nedumbassery (Cochin) airports are 60 and 100 kilometers away respectively from our site. Our hospital is just three-kilo meters away from Chembical, the designated “Gateway of Malabar Tourism”. The objective of Malabar Ayurveda is to provide the best treatments, avoiding costly medicines and surgery, and attract Real Health Tourism to the Malabar Region. Our treatments focus on several aspects, including the patients’ physical conditions and provide a host of customized treatment options as per our dictum of treating the individual as a whole, rather than the disease itself. The resort boasts of all possible facilities required for holistic treatment including its own organic farming, for the benefits of our inmates. Malabar Ayurveda, Yet to be the largest chain of Authentic Kerala Ayurveda Group (Malabar Ayurveda & Research Centre) certified Ayurvedic Multi Specialty Clinic, Beauty & Wellness Center Chain in India. We would like to recognize as the fastest growing brand in the ever growing health Industry, especially Ayurveda. MALABAR AYURVEDA is soon operation on PAN INDIA. A CRISIL rated, 100-year-old pioneer in Kerala Ayurveda is providing the technical support to MALABAR GROUP by providing medicines from their GMP certified factory and guidance through their unmatchable experience.

  • [1] Allergies, Bronchitis
  • [2] Asthma, Eosinophilia
  • [3] Backache, Bone injury
  • [4] Menstrual Problems
  • [5] Endometriosis
  • [6] Frozen Shoulders, Gout
  • [7] Gastric Ulcer,
  • [8] Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • [9] Eczema, Psoriasis
  • [10] Uro-genital Diseases
  • [11] Paralysis, Facial Paralysis
  • [12] Partial Paralysis, Jaundice
  • [13] Heart disease, Obesity
Primary Health Care
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Gynaecological Clinic
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Diagnosis With Precise
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Cardiac Clinic
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